Robert Hermon is a N.Y.P.D Detective to the public but he secretly works for the Illuminati. His hatred for African Americans makes him the perfect agent to carry out crimes in the urban communities in order to full fill the secret agenda of his masters.

Trevor Bryant is a ladies man who decides to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Emily O’brian. Trevor has one more fling with Detective Hermon’s daughter which turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life. Trevor’s decision puts him and his girlfriends life in extreme danger. They unknowingly become apart of a deadly occult hunting game that has been played by the worlds elite since the days of slavery.

Raymond Deane’s Travail explores the connection between the Illuminati and chem trails, depopulation, ritual sacrifice, occult hunting games, racism, police corruption, slavery, media cover ups, staged events, false flags, aliens and mind control. Raymond Deane’s Travail combines a fictional narrative storyline with real conspiracy theories and controversial topics such as the police shooting of Sean Bell.

Written and Directed by: Raymond Deane
Executive Produced by: Phill Hammond
Associate Producer: Alison Oxner
Director of Photography: Sam Price

Starring: Nick Dubanos, Alex Ortiz, Sam Price, Tiffany Stoker, Alexis Diaz, Mindy Wedner, David Lassiter, Samantha Payne, Jamie Lamm, Pete Maddocks & John Formica